Blogging and Content Development for Your Business

Simply put, blogging is good for your business. Creating unique content to share with your target audience is an important part of a successful online marketing strategy, and blog posts pay off big time. Here’s how:

BloggingInforgraphicIncreased Visibility

Each blog you post boosts the odds that your business will be found online because every blog is a new page that can be indexed by search engines. If your blog is also informative and well-written, it will attract inbound links that place your website higher on the results pages of Google, Bing, Yahoo and other search engines. If your post is really great, readers will share it on social media, exposing your company to a brand new audience.

More Credibility

Producing content that is reliably relevant and helpful to your blog readers will give you a reputation as an industry leader. Being an authority in your field helps you earn the trust of readers and will turn them into customers.

Increased Lead Generation

Blogs are an incredible tool for generating leads when they include an effective call-to-action. Pair your next blog with an offer for a free trial, ebook, fact sheet, webinar or other piece of content to gain access to reader information and turn that reader into your next customer.

Long-Term Results with Short-Term Effort

The benefits of one blog post don’t end when you post another. That’s the beauty of blogs — they keep working even after your business closes for the day. Let’s imagine that your latest blog post gets 150 views and 15 leads. Tomorrow, another 25 people check it out as it spreads on social media, and 5 more leads are generated. A week later, the buzz about your blog has died down a bit and you have a total of 175 views and 20 leads.

Now here is the best part about blogging:

That post isn’t done working yet. It is ranking in search engines, and it will continue to generate traffic and leads each time someone Googles your topic. That hour of effort you put in writing it a week ago will continue to pay off for weeks, months, even years, leading to views and leads in the future.

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