Search Engine Optimization

At this very moment, millions of potential customers are using search engines like Google and Bing to learn about products and services, including yours. Search engine optimization (SEO) helps ensure that they find your website before they find your competition. In the past, customers went to traditional marketing mediums, like the radio, newspaper classifieds or yellow pages, to find information about the products and services they need. Today’s consumers are increasingly going to the Internet to connect with businesses, and ranking highly on search engine result pages is critical to your success. 95% of Internet users never look beyond the third page of search results, and 75% never go past the first page. Where does your business website rank?

Our in-house experts have worked with Jan San businesses for nearly 20 years, and we employ proven strategies to help you gain more customers. We know your customer acquisition goals are always increasing, so we don’t provide a short-term marketing approach. Instead, we work with you to establish a solid strategy for increasing your customer traffic and online visibility long-term.

Check out the examples below to see how we have elevated our clients to higher search engine rankings. If you are ready to get more customers and increase the visibility of your business, call Axis GMO today for a free visibility report and a consultation for your local competitive market.